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Here is the Library of Adventures. Enjoy !!!

Tigers don’t cry, and Monkeys don’t care.

Giraffes can hide better than you’d expect.

Turtles aren’t slow, we’re just too fast.

A ticket doesn’t mean you really get to come into the zoo.

Why alligators hate swimming pools.

The ostrich who could fly.

Those sneaky snakes and their flying machines. Snakes don’t fly, or do they? The gang uncovers what looks like a helicopter built for a snake and investigates.

The Great Reptile House Party. The reptile house is having a party, yet only the mice have been invited. The gang think something is amiss.

The Trouble with being a Lone Wolf. It’s hard to be a real lone wolf when you’re trapped in a zoo with a dozen other wolves.

Hippos just aren’t good at practical jokes. Someone is pulling practical jokes, and everyone knows who it is. But no one wants to ruin Hanks fun.

The Great Snail Rebellion. It’s been going on for 20 years, we just never knew it.

Happy Birthday to Hoo? A reprise of the classic Who’s on First?

Why do donuts have holes? Sherlock Squirrel solves the mystery of where the bag of donut holes from Miss McKenzie’s office went.

It’s deja vu all over again.

The Race for Mayor of the Zoo. The cats misunderstand a publicity stunt by Miss McKenzie and stage a real race for the Mayor of the Zoo.

The School Bored.

Who Let That Dog In Here? The gang meet a see-eye dog for the first time, and are very suspicious.